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Benefits Of Pilates Fitness

There are many benefits of pilates fitness including increased strength, more flexibility, weight loss, injury prevention and core strength.


Muscular strength is balanced with stabilization of the spine and joints so that the body can perform powerfully while under load. Bottom line you get to be the boss by dynamically moving certain parts of your body while holding the rest strong and still. This helps for sports specific development and can safely increase muscle mass in a functional way to help you look great and play harder and longer! The visual outcome of pilates strength is a tight, firm, long and lean machine!


Pilates is not yoga although yoga often jumps on the pilates bandwagon. In Pilates, we strengthen the body in a lengthened position. What that means for you is that muscles are getting strong while they are stretching. This helps to alleviate becoming overly tight and bulky. It feels so good to get rid of unwanted gripping. By stretching, lengthening and strengthening all at the same time you can experience the wonderful result of better muscular flexibility and joint mobility.

Core Strength

We include the front, back, side, and center when strengthening the core. A six pack can be overrated when it comes to a strong core especially when dealing with a sore back. Functional abdominal development and balanced strength of the core can flatten your belly and help relieve painful issues in the back tissues. A functional, cut core includes strength of the muscles above, below, and to the side.

Weight Loss

This loaded subject is an exciting one to address at Agility Studio. In a whole-person model for healthy weight loss the entire lifestyle is addressed. Depending on what you need, our licensed nutritionist can address the food needs while we work on the physical and lifestyle components. Because there are many modifiable factors involved with each individual on their journey with weight-loss, having a trainer that can help you navigate those changes, keep you accountable, and teach you the most direct route will save you time and heartache while reaching your goals! Our classes include all that you need to increase your metabolism, boost circulation, get things moving, detoxify, add muscle, sweat, increase your cardiovascular health and change from the inside out!


There is nothing better than knowing your trainer can be on the same page as your physical therapist. This way you feel like your team is connected and the work can continue to heal you in a consistent way. As you get stronger and receive clearance from your P.T. to move into a post-rehab environment, Pilates at Agility Studio is a perfect fit. We work very closely with the therapists at Gaspar Physical Therapy located next door. We insure that careful attention is paid to form and alignment to safely increase the necessary strength, balance, stabilization, and mobility so that you can get back to doing what you love and being the best that you can be.

Injury Prevention

From Pregnancy to the NFL, we all need to avoid preventable nagging issues that can keep you from playing your sport, sitting comfortably at your desk, preparing for the marathon of pregnancy, labor, and delivery or even chasing your kiddos, or grand-kiddos. Injuries are a pain but can often be a result of simple bad habits and movement patterns! Some are short lived while others continue to nag becoming the proverbial “gift that just keeps on giving”. We have all heard how after a certain age repetitive use and abuse of your body can catch up to you. The good news is that with proper alignment, functional training, unwinding of old habits, and training for better movement patterns can develop and become the new working part of the mind and body!

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