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Pilates Fitness

Pilates Fitness

Pilates Fitness targets the whole body while making you solid, streamlined, and agile! Many of our clients report feeling a buzz of energy right away that adds to motivation and confidence while the body feels, moves, and looks better. For anyone who wants to work or play without pain, our style is based on high energy fitness and maximum output with correct form. Modifications are always given when needed. Sessions are taught on state of the art Balanced Body reformer half trap equipment which allow us to train the body in a standing position. Training upright is paramount in any functional training program. Agility Studio was awarded “Best studio design” by balanced body for its choice of equipment and studio set up as well as top 3 Pilates studios in San Diego!

Joseph Pilates developed his exercise form in the early 20th century. He found that his technique helped tremendously with rehabilitation and conditioning of the joints and muscles while improving coordination, control, concentration, flow, and breathing. It sounds like a description of a yoga class but it is not. Pilates is a resistance training method that uses spring tension and has many exercise that help with flexibility but builds and tones muscles much more than yoga. In addition, Pilate’s work focuses on the core abdominal strength so that whichever activity you undertake; running, tennis, rock climbing, cycling, golf, chasing after young ones, moving furniture, gardening, or working at your job – your best alignment is supported and your back and neck are protected. Our goal is to train you efficiently with low impact on the body.


  • Improved posture alignment, balance, weight-loss, and a beautifully toned vibrant body are all common results of a faithful Pilates practice.
  • Curative effects for neck, back pain, and core weakness
  • Pilates helps increase bone density and is a form of weight bearing exercise.
  • Increased lung capacity and cardiovascular exercise are results of the breathing that we teach as well as our added cardio vascular training
  • Not only will your body’s muscles be stronger but the actual muscle fibers will become longer resulting in an overall leaner appearance!
  • The CORE muscles, lower back and glutes are collectively referred to as the powerhouse of the body. Pilates focuses on stabilizing and strengthening this area which becomes the center of all of your movement allowing the rest of your body to move freely.
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