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Now Offering Springshome Virtual Training

Hi Pilates friends and family!

I’m thrilled to report that within the chaos of surviving Covid-19, many of you are thriving with my “Springs@home” Pilates-based live virtual classes, private one/one, and semi-private training. A big thank you😇 to those who have reached out. I appreciate your love and support so much and I hope you and your loved ones, young and old, are staying healthy!

The @home program we’ve been doing is a culmination of my decades of experience, plus over a year of R&D to provide an outlet for my clients @ home. When everything changed, I had 12 prototypes to share with my initial groups on a first come first serve basis. This was a perfect time to release what I’d been working on and create an extension of our studio training so you could continue to get great results at home while navigating our new normal!

Here’s how it works:

  • Training with Pilates “Springs @home” replicates most of the same exercises we do in the studio on the reformer and tower
  • Hosting 2-3 classes 3x per week, and growing. The class schedule is now on the schedule page on the website as well as MindBody Online.
  • With the live online video format, I can still see how you’re doing and give you the coaching and support you get in the studio!
  • Current clients get to DEMO A FREE class with all the equipment you need

The level 2 classes are quite challenging with a balance of upper and lower body, cardio, CORE strength, and we even sneak in a little well deserved stretching at the end.

For those of you preferring a level 1-2, perfect! I continue to train my pregnant mommas and welcome al. levels back including any new friends that might be interested.

While the vibe feels all business without the chit chat and house music, there is still the amazing comradery of seeing your tribe and an occasional cat or kid in the background.

Message me on how to get in on the @home training so you can get started right away! (Currently there is a short wait until the new batch of straps are produced but please inquire!) 

cell: 760-230-2126

Here’s what people are saying about the new classes

I’ve been dedicated to Rana’s class for years and my physical health depends on them. When she discussed the possibility of doing classes from home, I was skeptical, believing it impossible to duplicate the physical results of the Pilates reformer/tower with her system at my house! Much to my surprise, Rana has accomplished these favorable results through the various exercise exercises she has developed.

 I now attend 3 zoom classes a week and feel great! This is a perfect way to eliminate the physical stagnant feeling and maintain the muscle health we all have worked so hard to achieve while we are required to “Stay at Home”. Thank you Rana!

-Candace C.

I’ve been training with Rana for about 5 years now. I wanted to find a workout that didn’t interfere with my MS and create more issues. Rana’s knowledge of the human body and excellent approach to an athletic style of pilates training has been something that I’ve come to depend on.

When the studio closed for quarantine, I was so sad!  Rana barely skipped a beat and was able to provide us with an excellent home-based workout in the comfort of my own home with Zoom meetings.

I still feel like Rana is in the room watching my form and motivating me. I also still get to see my friends from the class which is great!

– Kristyn B.

After a couple of weeks stuck at home, telling myself I would just “do some weights and online yoga classes” until things are back to normal, I finally reached out to Rana to see what she was up to.  As usual, she has a plan to keep moving forward and get her students in shape, so she quickly got me set up with the few items I needed to do the live online class. 

After the first class (which was simple to join and so fun to see everyone’s faces!) I was already feeling it! It’s just like when I started in the studio – sore for a bit, but now after a couple of weeks, I can seriously see and feel myself getting back in shape after the all-day work-from-home yoga pants & snack fest I’ve been on. Thanks so much for introducing this new class, Rana – I love it!

– Laurie B

Rana’s innovative home pilates system incorporates both cardio and strength training. I usually do one/one training but wanted to try the classes. She’s able to push me as hard as I need and still modify for those who need it without risking form. This system really works and I look forward to my classes 3x a week! Thanks Rana!

– Janees W.

The virtual classes offered by Rana are great! She is able to keep an eye on me and offer modifications as if I were in person in her studio. This has been especially important since I am pregnant. The convenience of taking her classes at home is amazing and I’m happy to continue my workout plan.

-Nicole F.

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